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I Want To Change The World… But I Can’t Do It Without You!

In my rich world, everyone has a deep connection with themselves, the people around them, and the earth. Everyone has the tools they need to tune into their inner wisdom and they know how to fill their own cup to overflowing with divine love. Everyone has a connection to their bodies, food, friends, family, and a community of support. Everyone has a feeling of unlimited abundance and power from source. Everyone knows how to communicate their needs and feelings and come to a win-win situation for everyone involved. There is no shame, guilt, struggle, judgment, loneliness, fear, pain, or lack. There is balance in everyone’s lives. Love is the driving force for rich creation and everyone has their needs met.  Everyone feels safe to be seen and heard. Joy and love is our default mode.

This is the world I want us to create together.

I have spent years overcoming the conditioning of my childhood that taught me that I had to meet other people’s standards and ideas of good enough. I had to let go of trying to be what other people thought I should be/do/have to be loved, settling for things I didn’t really want, trying to make everyone else happy but myself, trying a bunch of stuff hoping something would change but nothing was, having a bunch of stuff I didn’t want to look at (physically and emotionally), doubting and questioning myself, living in fear and denying my feelings, not taking time for myself because I had to be “productive”, comparing myself to others, and judging myself harshly for not being perfect.

From the space I am in now, I can see the same challenges that I overcame in so many other people. I understand the pain they are in and I am called to assist the ones who are done and ready to take massive action to create the rich life they deserve. The ones who have the same vision for the world as I do but don’t know how to heal themselves to get there.

If this is you, I am so excited that you found this page!


My mission is to help you:

  • get clear on your goals and purpose
  • love yourself completely
  • let go of fear and have the courage to follow your dreams
  • crush your goals
  • shift your mindset to create abundance
  • finally get what you want in life
  • let go of judgements, lack, scarcity, settling, sacrifice
  • remember how powerful you really are

If you are determined to create the changes to become the powerful creator you are meant to be, apply to work with me and then join our Facebook community of Rich Girls to support & get support as you expand into becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Create rich! Manifest Powerfully!