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Rich Girls Inc – Making Your Life Richer!

Close your eyes and imagine you are 100% rich in health, wealth, relationships, and happiness… what would that look like for you? What would you be doing differently? What would your body feel like? What would it be like to jump out of bed to start your day because you were so excited about what you were doing? What if you loved your job and you made more than enough money for everything you wanted? What if you had your soul mate next to you? How would you feel if you were surrounded by people you love who supported and uplifted you? What if you did things because you wanted to do them? What if you were in love with everything about yourself? How would that feel?

If you’re tired of:

  • settling for things you don’t really want
  • trying to make everyone else happy but yourself
  • trying a bunch of stuff hoping something will change but nothing is
  • having a bunch of stuff you don’t want to look at (physically and emotionally)
  • doubting and questioning yourself
  • never getting what you really want
  • living in fear

You are in the right place!


As your professional coach, I will help you:

  • get clear on your goals and purpose
  • love yourself completely
  • let go of fear and have the courage to follow your dreams
  • crush your goals
  • shift your mindset to create abundance
  • finally get what you want in life

We can work together privately one-on-one or you can take one of my self-study courses to get you started.

I am so excited you found this site! If you are here, it means you want something better for yourself than you are currently experiencing. Maybe you’re not as healthy as you would like to be or maybe you need a little help getting your business started. Maybe you just need some support and guidance to get you in the right direction. Well, don’t worry! You’re in the right place!

Here you will find lots of helpful tips, advice, and ideas to make your life richer.

Whatever you need, I hope you can find at least one helpful thing while you’re here. You can also join our Facebook community of Rich Girls and get free coaching every Tuesday afternoon on Periscope & Facebook during my question and answer session.

Here’s to making your life richer,